General terms and conditions 

Retail Studio Stockholm AB’s (“Retail Studio”) general terms and conditions (“Terms and conditions”) together with other terms and conditions that can be found at Retail Studio’s website (“The website”), describes the general terms and conditions that are applicable when using The website as well as the usage of Retail Studio’s services connected to the website.  

By visiting The website, you agree to the Terms and conditions and that you have read, understood, and approved the Terms and conditions and agree to follow them. If you do not accept the Terms and conditions you will not be able to use The website nor any of the other services connected to The website. The Terms and conditions apply to all visitors, users, and others who use the website.  

These Terms and conditions are obtained in English and are valid starting January 1st, 2020.  

Retail Studio is authorized to change the Terms and conditions and will then publish the updated Terms and conditions on The website. The new Terms and conditions will be valid from the date they are published on The website.  

Retail Studio’s services are not provided to businesses/persons who have previously disobeyed the Terms and conditions and/or previous terms and conditions provided by Retail Studio. If you register a company as a user you certify that you are qualified to subscribe/bind the company in accordance with the Terms and conditions.  



All material on The website, including The website’s layout and source code, is protected by copyright, trademark law, patent, and/or other intellectual property law. If not otherwise stated, all material on The website is the exclusive property of Retail Studio and/or Retail Studio´s partners/contractors.  


You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, send, or distribute any material or any information on the website without aforestated written permission from Retail Studio.  

All unauthorized use is penalized.  



Retail Studio do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted, or secure access to the website. The operation of The website is susceptible to disruptions outside of Retail Studio’s control and Retail Studio does not guarantee The website’s function or access. Retail Studio cannot be held responsible for any damage that directly or indirectly is caused by using The website and its content.  

The Website is mainly a marketplace. The Website allows users to advertise and search for premises, locations, and areas. Retail Studio has no control over nor participates in the transactions between the users of the website. One cannot presume that an offer or a request regarding an object is valid and lawful solely because it appears on the website. Retail Studio is not responsible for advertised objects.  


Compensation in the event of injury  

You as a user take it upon yourself to keep Retail Studio free of damage in the case of a third party demanding compensation due to Advertised content or due to you as a user otherwise acting contrarily to The terms and conditions or contrarily to applicable law or the rights of a third party.  


Advertised content  

Advertised content refers to all content that a user of the service on The website creates and/or posts on The website e.g. pictures, videos, and/or text. (“Advertised content”).  

You guarantee that you possess or have necessary rights to use Advertised content, either by producing it yourself (regardless if it is a picture, video, or advertisement text), or that all participants have given you permission to use Advertised content on The website in accordance to The terms and conditions.  

You also guarantee that you as a user have the authority to represent your organization in procedures that can be made available for other users on The website under the organization's name, such as update the status of and advertise premises, or to create search profiles and requests on behalf of the company.  

You guarantee that Advertised content does not contain material covered by Copywrite, such as protected music, pictures, logotypes, or other material covered by Copywrite that you have not obtained permission to use as Advertised content.  

You guarantee that you have confirmed that the people who can be identified in Advertised content (e.g. in a picture or in a video or solely by their name) are aware of how the material will be used and that they have expressly agreed to appear in Advertised content and that Retail Studio also might use it for marketing purposes.  

By posting Advertised content you give Retail Studio an unrestricted right to freely disperse it, e.g. by processing, adjust the shape, store or copy it and make it available for the general public regardless of the media channel and to further lease or distribute these rights to potential partners. Retail Studio also has the right to use Advertised content for marketing purposes. Retail Studio’s rights remain even after Advertised content has been deleted.  

By using The website you give Retail Studio rights to freely use your organization's participation on The website for marketing purposes. 

You hereby forfeit all claims of compensation for Retail Studio’s usage of Advertised content.  



All personal information that you provide Retail Studio or that Retail Studio collects while you are using The website will be handled by us in accordance with our Integrity policy. Also, make sure to read our Cookie policy.  


Terms of payment  

Compensation to Retail Studio for use of The website occurs according to the separate agreement between Retail Studio and the user. 


Right of withdrawal  

You are aware that by taking part in or starting the usage of the services provided on The website there is no right of withdrawal.  


Contact information 

Retail Studio Stockholm AB, Birger Jarlsgatan 8, 114 34 Stockholm.  

Applicable law and dispute resolution  

Swedish law applies regarding these Terms and conditions and disputes shall be resolved in Swedish court.